February 23, 2012

Let me introduce you

Hello all. I'd like to introduce you to the very cats them selves, and show you some of the first rescues.

Sylvester. He is my baby. The biggest spoiled rotten fat cat you will see. When we first got him, as just a baby, he was so tiny, and active. He would play and run around, but as he got older, he changed, and started gaining weight. Now he literally will roll around on the floor on his back, and meow like a little kitten. He is a big lovable sweetie though. When he was young he would suck on people's earlobes, it was so cute!

This is Rain and Bo. Rain is the one on the left, and sadly she ran away from home one day and we haven't seen her for about 4 months. (All of our farm cats roam free).

Rain was such a beautiful and loving cat.

Here is Bo and little Rexy. Rex was a siamese rescue, who now has a new home. He was born grey, and turned white as you can see in the next few pictures!

This is my ferret, Loki. He loves to run around in the summer grass, and play with all the cats!

Here is our other farm cat, Thomas!

And a group photo of Rex, Bo, Thomas, Maxx and Rain.

And lastly, our two bundles of joy; Maxx and Zoey. Maxx is an orange Pom/Chihuahua and Zoey is a white/cream Chihuahua/Pom.

But the base of it all, who will never EVER be forgotten, is Zeus.

Zeus was a King Rottweiler.

The most lovable dog you would ever meet!

He had personality! Zeus loved to pull a sleigh, and pull me on my skates at the pond. He played with our other dogs, Zoey and Maxx.

Zeus died at a year old, heart failure. Dec 23, 2011.
He will never be forgotten.

Thank you for reading!